.This is nothing against Arnie, he is a great servant of the game in Australia.With-Ange’s results are for Ange’s last 8 games (no friendlies).

Ange had a great record, he won us the Asian Cup! But he took a contract to coach the Socceroos until the end of the 2018 World Cup campaign.Ange’s cowardly exit left us in the lurch and lead to the disastrous hiring decisions that followed.[Bitcoin Announcing Coinbase Support On Wallet BTC]

With-Ange record Date Comp Home* Score Away 15/11/17 WCQ Australia 3 – 1   Honduras (69) 11/11/17 WCQ Honduras (69) 0 – 0   Australia 10/10/17 WCQ Australia 2 – 1   Syria (73) 05/10/17 WCQ Syria (73) 1 – 1   Australia 05/09/17 WCQ Australia 2 – 1   Thailand (122) 31/08/17 WCQ Japan (55) 2 – 0   Australia 25/06/17 COC Chile (9) 1 – 1   Australia 22/06/17 COC Cameroon (55) 1 – 1   Australia

*Confederations cup (COC) games were at a neutral venue.

Re-hire someone who failed last time

Re-appointing Graham Arnold was stupid, because he had already had the job and failed badly! The circumstances are almost identical to the last time around; he is taking over from a big name, short term, Dutch coach, right after the World Cup heading into the Asian cup.[35 Price 1 Weekly 2019 Analysis Week]

They got Bert Van Marwijk for 3 games; 2 losses and a draw.I think he was both.

Remember he had one of best Socceroos squads ever, with players like like Aloisi, Bresciano, Cahill, Culina, Emerton, Kewell, Neil, Schwarzer and Veduka.[Network Button Lightning Crash Twitter Micropayments]

In the above league table After-Ange’s results are for the 8 games since Ange left.This was not BVM’s fault, he did his best in limiting circumstances.After qualifying the team he lacked the courage to see it through.

Ange was good but hurt the team by leaving

Ange Postecoglou is a divisive figure amongst Australian soccer fans.There have been a couple of changes in individual Socceroos players available but not in the overall quality of players.[Token To Introduction Brief A Sales]

These games are comparable

We have a small sample size, welcome to international football.Let’s see if results got better or worse.

# Socceroos MP W D L GF GA GD P 1  With-Ange 8 3 4 1 10 8 2 13 2  After-Ange 8 2 2 4 7 8 -1 8

The same generation of Australian players that Ange Postecoglou coached are now playing together under other coaches.[Blockchain Could Asset Support How Management Road]

The average FIFA ranking of teams Ange faced in his last 8 games was 75, in the 8 games since then it has been 69.[Explained Ethash]

Unsurprisingly he is repeating his past performance.We had no direction or plan or identity.He is called everything from our greatest ever coach to a disaster for the national team.In one case the FFA took the wrong approach and in the other case they appointed the wrong person.

After-Ange record Date Comp Home* Score Away 25/01/19 AC UAE (79) 1 – 0   Australia 21/01/19 AC Australia 0 – 0   Uzbekistan(95) 15/01/19 AC Australia 3 – 2   Syria (74) 11/01/19 AC Palestine (99) 1 – 2   Australia 06/01/19 AC Australia 0 – 1   Jordan (109) 26/06/18 WC Australia 0 – 2   Peru (11) 21/06/18 WC Denmark (12) 1 – 1   Australia 16/06/18 WC France (7) 2 – 1   Australia

*All of these matches were at neutral venues except against UAE.[At USA The Must See 8 Money Talks 2020]

Sure there is a lot we don’t know, maybe the FFA were bad to work for, maybe the media were annoying.Geewiz, so everything was not perfect, have some fortitude and finish your job! It was obviously going to be difficult from the beginning.That’s flattering because one of the “draws” was when we lost on penalties and were eliminated from a disastrous Asian Cup campaign.

The post Socceroos with and without Ange appeared first on BitEdge.[Inside ASICs GPUs The 8211 Vs Rig]

Short term mercenary instead of long term leader

After Ange left the FFA should have found the right man for the job and hired him to lead us until the end of the 2022 World Cup campaign (5 years at the time).Given the vagaries of the rankings this is basically equal.

His record last time was an abysmal 14 games for 5 wins 4 draws and 5 losses.Do you think it was easy to coach Panama or England or Egypt to the World Cup? Ange was in a brilliant position, the position he chose!

The team  should not have been left without a coach, and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) should not have been put in the position of having to find a new coach, 6 months before the World Cup.This is entirely the FFAs fault for giving him a job he had already shown he is not up for.[Is Out Monthly 10 Issue Aragon]

Disastrous post-Ange coaching appointments

The Socceroos coaching appointments since Ange left have been terrible.The Socceroos would be doing much better now if BVM was head coach on a 5 year contract.
Source: https://bitedge.com/blog/socceroos-with-and-without-ange/

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