If you wish to exchange altcoins, you need to check the real coins on the exchange they are combined with.And add the address.Then enter an amount you wish to withdraw and click on Withdraw to submit the withdrawal request.

To deposit Fcny: Click ‘Balances’  then Select FCNY ->Read the deposit tips->Bind bank account->Enter the amount you wish to deposit ->Click on Deposit to submit the request.[Zebpay Announcement Business Exchange About]

However, there are no deposit fees at FatBTC.The primary language on the website is still Chinese, but the website supports multiple languages.

fatbtc fiat

FCNY coin is owned by the exchange and attached to Chinese Yuan, it resembles Tether (USDT), the coin similar to the US dollar.Share your views on our Twitter and Facebook pages.With multiple markets and competitive fees, FatBTC dynamic quality makes it worth the investment.[Poker How To HoldEm Casino Play]fatbtc

Cryptocurrency world is growing very fast taking the world by storm, and most of us want to be part of it? However, the only fear you have is How to invest? which exchange to chose? This is where you are in a dilemma to choose between ‘a good exchange’ and ‘a better exchange’ for trading cryptocurrencies.

FatBTC Fees and Security Fees

With Taker and maker fees at 0.2 %, the FatBTC exchange has lower fees compared to other exchanges.[Safe Practices SIP ICO]

For  Fiat trading, click ‘fiat’-> it will take you to FatOTC.However, the platform has been open and welcoming to brokers from all parts of the world.

So to make the work easy for you, We at coinpedia strives to provide users with complete information about exchanges.

Here lets us look at FatBTC exchange.[Scam Robot Beware Of]

fatbtc market

After depositing a minimum of 0.05 BTC,  you are eligible for trading coins.The exchange accepts CNY deposits.

fatbtc exchange

How to Trade in FatBTC ? Deposit

Click ‘Balances’ tab on the right side above, then choose a token, for example, BTC.There are two ways to buy/sell Digital Assets.  “Fiat” and “Post Ad”.[Weekly Analysis 2019 Price 8 Week 42]

.The exchange has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with FatBTC listing both popular and less popular cryptocurrencies.Moreover, 95% of brokers’ coins are stored offline and offer merchants a two-factor (2FA) verification security system to additionally improve security on the platform.

There are a couple of additional insights regarding its organizers and specific registration elements despite the website being a Chinese.But still, security is one of the top concern in the world of crypto.Click ‘exchange’ ->chose pairs you want to trade, enter the price and amount-> click buy/sell.[Pay Review ICO FX]

The exchange offers many services: like purchasing bitcoin using Chinese yuan, buying and selling of 65 cryptocurrencies, online cryptocurrency wallet, and Fiat trading.


By using the HTTPS protocol, the website is kept secure from hackers.Once you have chosen the coin, click ‘Deposit‘.  Finally, copy the address to the exchange that you wish and deposit the coin.[Prediction 2019 Binance BNB Price Coin]

To Withdraw Fcny: Click ‘Balances’ ->Select ‘FCNY’ ->Withdraw ->Bind bank account ->Enter the amount you wish to withdraw ->Click on Withdraw to submit the request.[ Year Zebpay Review 2018 In]


The platform trading is little different from other exchanges;

Markets matched with FCNY, Markets matched with Bitcoins, Ethereum Markets, Fat Coin Markets, and the new one USD market.

Latest updates and announcements

     Feb 20, 2019: Projection (XN35) Listed Feb 15, 2019: FatBTC Will Support Electra(ECA) Fork Phase 2

Latest News

    Feb 04, 2019: Delisting Qripplex (PPL) Announcement Jan 10, 2019: EvenCoin (EVN) Listed.

What is your opinion on FatBTC reviews? Share your thoughts in our comments section.For instance, If you need to exchange Ripple coins, you need to exchange your Bitcoins into FCNY, because Ripple is paired with FCNY.[Best Wallets In 2019 Cardano]

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Overall, the platform is good and beginners will find it easy to use.Furthermore, the fat coin is also owned by the exchange.[Summary Bitcoin News November 2018 8211 12]

Final Verdict

FatBTC is a Chinese crypto exchange platform, with a user-friendly and responsive platform, the exchange is growing rapidly.For example, BTC.For example: for ETH it is 0.01%, similarly for LTC fees is 0.001LTC.

Like most exchanges, the FatBTC exchange is vulnerable against hackers.  Investors still hold Majority of funds in secure, personal wallets.[Management PaperContract Eliminating]

FatBTC Review

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What is FatBTC?

FatBTC is a Chinese cryptocurrency which came into existence in 2014 and targets mostly local traders.Moreover, the withdrawal fee is slightly higher compared to other exchanges and the fee varies for different coins.Enter the fund password, the email/SMS code.Also, read the reviews of other exchange.

fatbtc deposit


Click ‘Balances’  tab on the right side above, then select ‘token’ and click ‘Withdraw’.Whereas, the general trading charge is 0.25%, with some exchanges offering up to 1%.[Tuesday February 19 2019h1 H1Distributed Digest]
Source: https://coinpedia.org/exchange/fatbtc-review/

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