You can now buy Domino’s Pizza via the Lightning Network for *5% off* from anywhere in the US with <$0.01 fees, instant transactions and ~30 min delivery.

As a crypto-community, we’re all guilty of trying to predict the next bitcoin bull-run.

It’s up to us to increase that transaction rate.According to the University of Cambridge, only 38% of crypto wallets are active.Participants pass tiny amounts of bitcoin to each other to create a chain of payments.Start spending bitcoin.The more active bitcoin becomes, the more we prove it’s a viable alternative to traditional payment systems.[Thursday February 2019h1 H1Distributed Digest 21]

Together we can kickstart the next bull-run by using bitcoin for what it was truly designed for.

I hooked this up and already got tipped some satoshis https://t.co/zvwdkZTN1Q

— jack (@jack) February 20, 2019

Wider adoption of bitcoin payments will increase awareness of crypto.Start sending it to your friends and family.[Summary Bitcoin News November 2018 8211 12]

That’s the key to increasing demand and triggering the next bull-run.

Just wait until the bitcoin ETF is approved!

It’ll explode when Wall Street embraces crypto.[With Shingo Lavine Interview CEO Ethos Changelly]

Instead of sitting around waiting for these institutional changes (which may or may not even happen), we can do something ourselves.Dubbed the #LNTrustChain, it has passed through Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Lightning Labs co-founder Elizabeth Stark.

Mass Adoption Will Trigger the Next Bitcoin Bull Market

Satoshi Nakamoto described bitcoin as a “peer-to-peer version of electronic cash”.[Management PaperContract Eliminating]

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); .And there are now more than 27,800 open channels.

Coinmap.org lists 14,366 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops around the world that accept bitcoin.I want to do better and start spending bitcoin whenever it’s available.We’re approaching the all-time highs we saw at the peak of 2017’s bull market.[I ICOs 10 Like Dont About Things]

I’m guilty of this too.However, there are plenty of places you can spend bitcoin.Start spending bitcoin.[2019 42 Weekly Week Price 8 Analysis ]

JP Morgan’s new cryptocurrency will send prices higher! (Just kidding).

The Lightning Torch is helping to bring even more awareness to the micropayments network.If your favorite retailer, bar, or restaurant doesn’t take crypto, ask them to consider it.It would indicate that confidence had fully returned to bitcoin and that the network could handle the volume.[To Look Miners Continue Cheaper For Power Bitcoin]

Bitcoin transaction count via Coin Metrics

Surpassing previous highs could be a pivotal moment for the bitcoin price.Overstock, Microsoft, and Cheapair.com are some of the biggest vendors accepting bitcoin in some form. 

Phew, @jack takes the Lightning Torch, sends it to me, tweets a bunch about #bitcoin, agrees to do a podcast on the spot with @stephanlivera and me.[ Sale ZCashcom For 100000]

Many Shopify stores accept bitcoin, as do a handful of VPN services.It’s getting easier than ever.And if you’re a vendor yourself, start using BitPay or something similar and open up your customers to bitcoin.

The vast majority of bitcoin holders are “hodling” (or they’ve lost access to their wallets).[Way Easy Cryptocurrency Tracking Of] 

Is the Infrastructure Ready?

Critics will point out that last time transaction volume soared, the bitcoin network couldn’t handle the traffic.

Bitcoin will soar when pension funds start buying bitcoin.[For XRP Up To The Wallet Set How Toast] 

But we’ve come a long way since December 2017.The Lightning Network now has a capacity of 703 BTC (about $2.75 million) to help facilitate cryptocurrency micropayments.It will establish bitcoin as a legitimate, accepted form of payment.

If you owe money to a friend or family member, try sending it to them in crypto.Get it while it’s hot at https://t.co/3tn7O9eexo 🍕⚡ pic.twitter.com/zvco9xU7mC

— Lightning Pizza (@ln_pizza) February 13, 2019

Bitcoin Transactions are Growing

Since lows in April and July last year, bitcoin’s transaction count is growing steadily.It’s a good way to introduce new people to the technology.[Instamatch Corda Using Ripple Global XRP Platform To Test R3s]

But most of us aren’t using it for this purpose.You can now buy Domino’s pizza via the Lightning Network or tip someone with bitcoin on Twitter.

One sure-fire way to increase bitcoin’s price is to increase demand for crypto payments.And it will build trust for those that are still skeptical.Pretty sure #LightningTwitter is now officially a thing!⚡https://t.co/m2XRb5NmvH

— elizabeth stark (@starkness) February 6, 2019

How to Spend Bitcoin

In most places, paying with bitcoin still isn’t possible.A full list of crypto-accepting vendors can be found here.[Final Aragon Details Proposal Governance 1 For Vote]
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